Laser hair removal for men…

Laser hair removal is ideal for men as it works equally well across the entire body and has long-lasting results. From a few unwanted tufts, to an entire back, chest or stomach, laser hair removal is efficient and effective.

No more stubble or uncomfortable regrowth
Waxing and shaving, although quick and convenient, doesn’t last long and you soon begin to experience stubble and regrowth. When you’re removing hair from a large area of skin, such as your chest or back, this can be really uncomfortable – for you, and your partner.

With laser hair removal regrowth is minimal and where you do experience regrowth, it won’t be stubbly or itchy.

At the beauty editor we can treat the following areas for men: Cheeks, chin, jawline, shoulder blades, half face, full face, full back and male hollywood,  full back, shoulders and upper arms and full body (including chest, abdomen, full back, arms, underarms, full legs, buttocks, peri-anal and pubic area.)

  • Up to 70% permanent reduction in hair growth
  • All skin types treated
  • Discreet, friendly staff
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