Dermal fillers are a facial enhancement and rejuvenation treatment for those who wish to smooth wrinkles, fill in furrows around the mouth, or add volume to the cheeks, lips, and around the eyes. Naturally found in the skin, which assists hydration by attracting and holding water.  When administered correctly by our team who are trained and skilled in cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers can produce effective instant results with minimal downtime and discomfort. Fillers are great when combined with other anti-wrinkle injections, lasers, skin therapies and skin care products as part of a tailored programme. 

Dermal fillers are injected into the skin with a very fine needle with the procedure taking approximately 30 minutes. Prior to treatment a topical anaesthetic may be administered for increased comfort. The type and amount of dermal filler used will vary from person to person and depend on the area being treated. Results are seen immediately.  Slight discomfort or swelling and a little redness may appear at the points of entry. All these problems generally lessen within 3 hours and usually disappear completely within 24 hours.

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement can be achieved using dermal fillers for natural looking results or a voluptuous full plump depending on the individuals lip shape and desires. Dermal fillers for lips can refine, fill, lift or plump the lips as well as re-define the shape of the lip and lip line. With techniques available at the beauty editor clinic you can achieve improved shape or lift of the lip without necessarily having lips enlarged if this is your preference.

Lips can be re-contoured, rejuvenated or enlarged by placing the dermal filler along the lip borders (vermillion), or into the body of the lip for fullness . Redefining the lip border with fillers leads to a more youthful and appealing look. It can also prevent lipstick “bleeding” into the small lines around the lips and onto the skin outside the lip area. The Cupid’s Bow that extends up towards the nose from the top lip can also be further defined creating a more youthful appearance. To achieve optimal results a combination of steps are often used which are individually tailored to suit your desired lip enhancement goals.  The newest injectable fillers which are approved and reliable are non-permanent gels, designed with a viscosity and softness especially to suit the lip. These fillers are hypoallergenic, very stable and results can last anywhere from 6-12 months depending upon how much the patient animates and their own absorption rate.

Once injected, the dermal filler supports and shapes the tissues of the lip and improves their appearance by adding shape, structure, hydration and volume. Dermal fillers plump and lift the skin gently to replace collagen that has been lost by the natural ageing processes. Fillers work by creating an internal framework (or scaffolding) on which new collagen and elastin can attach creating the structure, tone and firmness for a more youthful appearance. Movement and sensation are not affected, your lips and skin will look and feel soft and natural. We currently stock Juverderm and Teosyal. In light of the fact that these filler products are fully reversible, we can use them without a need for allergy testing. Their length of effect varies from individual to individual, however, this will be discussed in more detail during your consultation.

What does consultation involve?

During your consultation we discuss your requirements and outline the best treatment options for you. We will also go through your medical history and discuss the benefits and possible side-effects of having dermal fillers. You will be asked to sign a consent form and will be photographed prior and post treatment. The photographs will be kept in your records for future reference, they will not be used in any promotional material unless you have provided your full written consent.

Depending on the type of procedure required we may be able to offer you treatment on the same day as your initial consultation. This is, of course, only if the type of treatment is safe to perform on the same day, and if this is not possible then your first treatment will be arranged and scheduled at a convenient time for you. 

Every client’s time is valuable, therefore, due to our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our patients we have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. A deposit of £25 is therefore required to secure all appointments. For cancellation and no shows of appointments within 24 hours, the £25 deposit will be lost. Please refer to our booking and cancellation policy for further details.

As a thank-you to all of our clients we offer a £10 reduction on facial aesthetic treatments for patients who refer a friend that takes up treatment.

Please note that you are paying for the treatment only and no guarantee is made of any outcome. Refunds cannot be given under any circumstances, as the product has been used and the service has been delivered.

Who can do the procedure?

Any trained and authorised (through consent) Cosmetic Practitioner can administer dermal filler injections. To get the best results, it’s important to go to someone who is experienced in administering dermal fillers, knows facial anatomy and are aware of the risks. Dermal fillers are categorised in the UK by the MHRA as medical devices. This means that practitioners do not need to write a prescription to use these treatments.

Who won’t we treat?

This treatment is not approved for use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

At the beauty editor, due to ethical reasons we do have age limit policies with our injectable treatments. Due to the natural development of the face and muscles we have made the decision not to provide dermal or lip fillers to anyone below the age of 18. To treat excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, we do not inject anyone below the age of 21. For muscle relaxant injections, Botox, that address lines and wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes we do not treat anyone below the age of 25.  

You will not be injected if you have active cold sores. If you do suffer from cold sores and want to have have filler treatment on the lips or around the mouth you must let us know during your consultation. Further, when approaching your appointment, if you suspect your are about to experience an outbreak you must inform us immediately so we can reschedule the appointment for you. At the very least you are required to comply with our strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you attend the clinic with an active cold sore you will be subject to our consultation/cancellation fee of £25.

Treatment is not suitable for people with known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, autoimmune disease or other diseases affecting the immune system.

If you have had other fillers at other clinics in the past six months, please inform us as we will need to know the name of the product you have been injected with.

If you have had hyalase (filler disolving) within the past 3-4 weeks, we will not be able to treat you. You will not be injected and will be subject to a consultation/cancellation fee of £25.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any individual we deem necessary. This includes any person we feel may suffer from body dysmorphia.

What to expect after your treatment?

There might be redness, swelling or tenderness in the treated area. This is a normal result of the injections and will generally disappear within a few days. The initial swelling after a lip enhancing treatment may last longer. However, if symptoms persist for over 7 days or other reactions occur please see your GP.

Bruising is a common and expected side effect with any dermal filler treatment; it will not effect your end result. Please plan your treatments accordingly (i.e. not two days before an event). Bruising is unfortunate and although can sometimes be due to poor technique it is often just due to the use of a needle, a predisposition to bleeding and/or just bad luck. In order to reduce bruising it is important to adhere to the aftercare regime.

Dermal Filler Aftercare?

  • Avoid make-up for up to 12 hours after treatment
  • Avoid sunshine, sauna and steam rooms for two weeks after treatment
  • You may have temporary tenderness, swelling or bruising around the injection sites which may be present for up to two weeks after treatment
  • The filler may appear lumpy for the first 5-7 days after treatment due to swelling and the healing process, this will settle down in due course
  • Avoid applying pressure to or massaging the treated area for 2-3 days following treatment
  • Gently apply cool compress to extreme swelling
  • No smoking after treatment, and avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  • Purchase an arnica gel or tablets from pharmacy to assist in healing
  • Sleep on your back the evening after the procedure, to ensure filler is not disrupted during sleep.
  • If in pain following procedure take regular paracetamol. Avoid ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • The duration of the effect is very individual, skin type and muscle activities are factors which can influence the longevity of the dermal filler. Combination treatments or successive treatments may be required for optimum effect.
  • Call 07956174594 if you have any concerns.

Do I need a follow up appointment?

Usually no check-up is necessary with dermal fillers, however, occasionally a top-up treatment within 3-4 weeks of the initial dermal filler treatment may be necessary.

Treatment areas:

Marionette Lines – To fill and reduce their appearance 

Corner of the mouth – smooth any wrinkles in the area, often referred to as smile lines.

Lips – adds volume and definition to thin or shrunken lips. Also used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the lip area. 

Nasolabial folds – reduces the appearance of deep lines between the bottom of the nose and corners of the mouth.


0.5ml – £175
1ml – £250
1.5ml – £395

Dermal Filler Dissolving:

Using an enzyme named Hyaluronidase, we are able to inject this agent to dissolve and remove unwanted dermal fillers. Hyalase is an enzyme that can be found naturally in human body. It causes the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid used in fillers. Fillers that have been administered incorrectly, or by inexperienced practitioners, can coalesce and produce a lumpy or asymmetrical appearance. Injections of Hyalase dissolve these fillers, reversing the effects and allowing corrections to take place. Prices start from £150

Treatments coming soon!

Cheeks – adds volume to deflated and sunken cheeks, also used to define cheekbones 

Jawline – softens sharp or overly angular jawlines

Non-surgical rhinoplasty


What fillers do you use?

Juvederm is one of the best known
dermal facial fillers. It is a clear, smooth gel made out of hyaluronic acid
(HA) – a natural substance that adds volume and hydration to your skin.

Teosyal is an award winning 100% hyaluronic acid based filler gel that is highly biocompatible and slowly absorbed when injected into the dermis. Teosyal essentially alleviates hyaluronic acid deficiency, preventing and instantaneously correcting wrinkles and hollows whilst remaining perfectly in keeping with your facial features.


0.5ml – £175
1ml – £250
1.5ml – £395

Juvéderm Vycross Range:

Juvéderm Vycross is the premium Juvéderm range with new cross linking technologies giving a longer lasting result. Lasting on average 12-24 months this product is fantastic for natural looking enhancing, giving less swelling to the treated area and minimal downtime.

Juvederm Voluma – for improving mid-face volume (such as cheeks) the chin, jawline and non-surgical rhinoplasty. The most cohesive and elastic of the Vycross range. 1ml – £275, 2ml – £530, 3ml – £795, 4ml – £990

Juvederm Volbella – for longer-lasting results in dealing with under eye hollows and crows’ feet. 1ml – £275, 2ml – £530

Juvederm Volift – the most recent of the range to be released. Great for longer-lasting results for depressions in the nasolabial folds but also creates fantastic definition/sharpness for lips. 1ml – £275, 2ml – £530

Volift Retouch – 0.55ml of Volift, great for top up’s when 1ml isn’t required. 0.5ml – £190

Can I
bring children into the clinic?

Please be aware that in the interest of health and safety, children cannot accompany clients in the treatment rooms or be supervised by staff.

Will it hurt?

injections themselves feel like a slight pinch, and you may experience slight
pressure or a ‘stinging’ sensation as the product is being injected. Depending
on your personal pain tolerance and on the area, your practitioner may apply a
topical anaesthetic to the area prior to treatment.

How long does it take to see results?

the desired result is immediately visible, but generally the full effect of the
treatment will take around two weeks to fully show. This is because hyaluronic
fillers are hydrophilic, which means they will attract water over time and
smooth out, and re-hydrate your skin.

How long
does dermal filler last?

Duration depends on many factors, such as the individual’s skin type, skin condition, lifestyle, age, as well as the type and amount of product used. After the initial treatment, follow-up sessions are normally recommended around every 6 to 12 months depending on the individual and the product used. A treatment of the lips can last up to six months.

people know I have had my lips done?

This is up to you! Lip enhancement can be scary for many people who are concerned about it looking unnatural or obvious. With the beauty editor you have total control of how much volume you want to add. Immediately after the procedure, and for around 5-7 days afterwards, there will be some swelling, so make sure you plan this around your social life. You can always start small and go for more at a later stage; this is the approach we recommend.

What are the potential side-effects?

While complications are rare, they can and do happen. This can range from a bruise or swelling that lasts a little longer than anticipated, to asymmetry in the face, to more serious issues like allergy, infection, vessel occlusion and retinal artery occlusion.

Vessel occlusion can occur if a filler is injected into a blood vessel or when sufficient quantity is injected near the vessel to cause a compression blockage. The two types are arterial (generally an acute onset – during injection) and venous (generally a delayed onset – often when the patient has left the clinic), although the two are not mutually exclusive.

A retinal artery occlusion is the more serious complication and can potentially be very damaging, leading to ischemia, tissue degradation, and necrosis. In rare cases, it can even cause visual impairment or blindness if it affects the retinal artery. The underlying mechanism is related to retrograde embolization from peripheral vessels into the ophthalmic arterial system. This makes it vital for the clinician to be aware of the early warning signs to facilitate quick diagnosis and an immediate, aggressive response.

Thankfully, these more serious complications are extremely rare.

How can I
avoid bruising?

If you
are prone to bruising, you may wish to use arnica or bromelain to help reduce
any bruising. Most people will experience either no bruising (or a very small
amount), which can easily be covered with makeup.

permanent fillers or implants stop me from having this treatment?

Yes, due
to concerns of infection. If a hyaluronic acid is injected in an area which
contains a permanent filler, in some circumstances this can lead to the
reactivation of a subclinical infection, even if the additional hyaluronic acid
is delivered under perfectly sterile conditions. The same risk applies with a
permanent implant, although this is less likely as it will have been initially
placed under sterile conditions. As a permanent filler cannot be removed, these
infections can be very difficult to treat and end up with significant
morbidity. Therefore, we do not inject over permanent implants or fillers at
the beauty editor due to patient safety concerns.

Should I
have dermal filler or Botox?

Generally speaking, these two treatments deliver different yet complementary outcomes. Dermal fillers are used when there is volume loss in the face, or when augmenting a particular feature, e.g. a lip augmentation, as lips cannot be made larger using Botox. There are times when volume loss may not be obvious e.g. when treating the forehead lines, sometimes there will be loss of fat and bone in this region, which means that for the best result it should also be filled as using Botox. Dermal fillers have many applications, we will talk you through all the options during your consultation.

happens if I never have fillers again?

Over time, you’ll see the skin slowly returning to its pre-treatment state. However, this can take some time to occur due to the collagen stimulation that takes place after a dermal filler treatment, and because of this effects can be visible even when all the filler is gone.

Can I
reverse the treatment?

hyaluronic acid dermal fillers need to be removed for any reason, it is
possible to do this with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This breaks down the
filler in a fairly short space of time.

filler stretch the skin?

This is a common misconception. As they stimulate collagen formation you will not normally get a ‘baggy’ look after having dermal fillers. The exception to this would be if an area has been over-filled and as a result is very tight due to over treatment. Should the filler then be dissolved in an area that’s been over-treated, the appearance of loose skin can sometimes be seen.

Can I
wear make-up after the treatment?

You can
wear sterile surgical makeup following your procedure, we have this at the clinic.
Please don’t put your regular makeup on until the day after the procedure, to
minimise the risk of infection.

Can this
treatment be used on men?

At the beauty editor we see many men who enjoy the benefits of dermal filler
injections, either for skin textural improvement or for facial recontouring
e.g. increasing the width of the jaw or the cheekbones.

Is there
an age limit for injectable treatments?

At the
beauty editor, due to ethical reasons we do have age limit policies with our
injectable treatments. Due to the natural development of the face and
muscles we have made the decision not to provide dermal or lip fillers to
anyone below the age of 18. To treat excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, we
do not inject anyone below the age of 21. For muscle relaxant injections that
address lines and wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes we do not treat
anyone below the age of 25.  

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