Most people have heard of laser hair removal, and many have even considered it. However, many people are reluctant to go through with treatment because of the many myths that exist about laser hair removal.

When we get inquiries about laser hair removal we often hear the same questions and concerns. Does laser hair removal cause cancer? Does laser hair removal make you infertile?

Here are the Top 5 myths about laser hair removal and the facts that you should know.

Myth 1 – Laser hair removal can cause skin cancer

Laser hair removal does not increase your risk for developing skin cancer, or any other type of cancer for that matter.

Lasers are now a common method of treating sun damaged skin and cancer related skin conditions, such as sun spots. Studies have shown that pigment-specific lasers can even have some cancer reducing benefits.

Myth 2 – Laser hair removal makes you infertile

Laser hair removal does not cause infertility for women or men.

This question typically arises when people are considering laser hair removal in the bikini or pubic area. The myth stems from the idea that the laser will cause damaging radiation to the reproductive organs. However, this is completely false. Let’s break down the process of laser hair removal to understand why.

The term radiation simply refers to the transmission of energy, in the form of waves, through a medium. In the case of laser hair removal, the energy is light. This light is attracted to the color pigment in the hair follicle. Since the laser emits energy in short, quick bursts, the light is completely absorbed by the pigment, destroying the follicle, without ever penetrating the skin.

So, if you are concerned about fertility, you can have peace of mind knowing that your internal organs are just fine during laser hair removal.

Myth 3 – Laser hair removal is only for women


Laser hair removal is for people of all gender identities, not only female. While it may have originally become popularised by women, it has become increasingly common amongst men and trans individuals.

In fact, many men now opt for laser treatment for chest hair removal, facial hair removal and back hair removal. 

Smooth, hairless skin is not an exclusively feminine characteristic. Being proud and comfortable with your appearance is a value that should be shared by all individuals, and should never cause feelings of shame or embarrassment.

Myth 4 – Laser hair removal is too expensive

While what is expensive varies based on perspective, there is a notion that laser hair removal can only be afforded by the incredibly affluent. This is myth is becoming increasingly less true.

Advancements in laser technology are making laser hair removal more affordable and accessible to people with average incomes. The prices of laser hair removal with the beauty editor are comparable to, and sometimes even cheaper than waxing. Additionally, when you factor in the money you will save by cutting out razor costs, the price for laser hair removal is actually very reasonable.

Myth 5 – Laser hair removal is permanent

Is it permanent?

This is a question we get asked a lot and the answer is yes! As we kill the cells that make the hair a new hair cannot grow from that follicle, and the follicle will shrink and can even die. What we cannot do is treat a follicle that has no hair in it. If the area of treatment only has a few hairs i.e. the chin you may only currently have 10% of your potential hair growth. This means in the future you may make more hair in the other 90% of the follicles, but this hair was going to appear anyway and would have compounded on top of your existing growth. So, on certain areas of the body on-going treatment may be needed. To manage this, it is recommended to get a touch up appointment at least once a year.

If you are looking for 100% permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the only solution. For most people, the significant reduction of hair from laser hair removal is enough.

Laser hair removal with the beauty editor…

It’s completely reasonable to have some doubts before committing to laser hair removal. However, it’s important to know the difference between myth and fact. If you still have questions about laser hair removal, get in touch with the beauty editor for your free consultation.

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